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County Government

eCivis is the most widely used and trusted grants management system in county government. We help hundreds of counties simplify the searching, tracking, and administration, of grants.

Trusted by these counties

Harris County Department of Education

Learn how Harris County Department of Education was able to track as many as 750 grants at the same time.

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Nueces County, TX

Learn how Nueces County used eCivis’ indirect cost planning services and cost allocation software to identify a major gap in calculating indirect costs and ultimately maximize funding.

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Mariposa County, CA

Learn how Mariposa County is streamlining relief to local businesses through grants software.

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Sonoma County, CA

Learn how Sonoma County centralized its grant research to increase alternative funding sources and fund more community-based organizations.

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Glynn County, GA

Learn how Glynn County increased its grant portfolio to more than $1 million through eCivis’ grant management system, reduce time to find grants by 50 percent, and increase grant funding by $190,000 for its community.

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