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Product Demos

Level up on your grants knowledge with our free 20-min demos.

Grants Network

Creating and Achieving Grant Goals That Everyone Understands

We’ve worked with our government stakeholders to bring you a new Goals and Metrics feature in our signature Grants Network system. No more stress about how to show leaders the ROI in your grant programs. View this product demo to learn how you can create and track goals aligned with departmental needs and high-level organizational goals.

Finding the Right Grants to Help Fund Your Projects

Scouring and reading over a single award can take at least 2 or more hours. View this product demo to learn how you can use your Grants Network System to quickly and efficiently find the right grant projects for your needs–in half the time.

Learn How to Process Your Performance Reporting

View this product demo to learn how our signature Grants Network system can significantly improve the way you process your performance reporting–ensuring accountability, transparency, and compliance.

How to Fast Track Your Award Process

View this product demo to learn how you can quickly award funding to your recipients directly through Grants Network’s new Direct to Award Feature. Skip the tedious intake process of solicitation, application, review, and then award. Instead, you can invite any potential recipients and directly award them funding.

How to Take Your Grant Performance Reporting to the Next Level

It’s challenging to track and showcase grant performance. View this product demo to learn how we can help you enhance reporting and how you can quickly set up goals and establish metrics that are easier to track and that everyone can understand.

Allocate Demos

Preparing Cost Allocation Plans (Without the Headaches)

Learn how you can use cost allocation software to develop a clear and concise methodology for producing a 2 CFR 200 compliant cost allocation plan on demand–without all the stress.

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