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Blog for state, local, and tribal government grant resources and articles.

Best Practices for Grantees and Grantors: Grant Compliance

In their quest to maintain high-quality programs that provide necessary services to the greater public, grantors and grantees focus on grant seeking. This often leads to grant professionals overlooking the often taxing work of complying with the requirements and stipulations of grant-awarded funding.
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Why You Need a Grants Nerd On Your Team

If you don’t know her at this point, you’ve probably heard her on one of our many webinars breaking down the ins and outs of government grants. 
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Why Excel Is No Longer Sustainable for Government Grants Management

2021 drove home the need for grant modernization in a new and urgent way.
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Project Methodology: A Grant Proposal’s Plan of Attack

Having a clear description of the methods that will be used to accomplish your project objectives will make a strong application even more competitive.
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Top 5 Grants You Should Know About for Black History Month

To celebrate Black History Month, we wanted to round up some of the most important funding sources for Black entrepreneurs, businesses, historical sites, and communities.
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Cost Allocation Plans vs. Indirect Cost Proposals

In our last blog discussing indirect costs, we focused on the top FAQs that come up for grants administrators and public servants in general. One thing that we didn’t cover, however, is distinguishing between your cost allocation plans vs. your indirect cost proposals. 
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Everything You Need to Know About Indirect Costs

In last week’s blog, we covered three ways to survive the next fiscal year. The common denominator? Indirect costs. And while many organizational or grant leaders may wonder what these have to do with maximizing funding, the reality is indirect costs already exist and you cannot operate without them.
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Law Enforcement Grants: The Four Main Types of Grant Funding

As a law enforcement professional who may be new to grant seeking, you may find yourself bombarded by a seemingly endless assortment of law enforcement grants.
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Important AFG News: Registration Process Change in

Beginning on April 27, 2018, ALL entities renewing or updating their registration at will be required to submit an original, signed notarized letter confirming the authorized Entity Administrator associated with the DUNS number before the registration is activated.
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