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About Us

At eCivis, our mission is to make grants management simple for state, local, and tribal governments so they can maximize funding and deliver greater impact to the communities counting on them. Learn more about who we are and what we do by signing up to receive our free resources on grants management.

Our Mission

Many public sector organizations are overwhelmed by the time-intensive administrative burden of grants management. eCivis is here to help simplify grants management through software that streamlines the process, giving precious time back to organizations to focus on and carry out their community-based goals.

Our Core Values

We believe in working with people that have these core values.

Us, Not Me

You align with our mission and vision and exhibit a strong positive desire to give back and better the community for our teammates and our clients.

Extra Mile

Beyond working hard or working smart, you demonstrate a willingness to do any job, great or small, and to ensure the company’s continued success.

Version 2.0

You are coachable and driven to continually improve yourself and your role, and seek opportunities to create efficiencies and improve the effectiveness of eCivis.

Accelerating Digital Transformation

eCivis is part of GTY Technology Holdings Inc. (“GTY”). GTY is a leading public sector SaaS company which offers a cloud-based suite of solutions for North American state and local governments.  GTY brings leading cloud software together to deliver modern solutions for state and local governments, education institutions, and healthcare organizations. More than 1,750 agencies across North America leverage GTY solutions to deliver better outcomes for their constituents by improving the way they engage stakeholders and manage their resources. Built for the public sector, the intuitive suite of solutions supports the policy, regulation, and compliance requirements unique to the public sector. To learn more about the GTY platform and the positive impact it has on the people and communities it serves visit:

Bonfire provides strategic sourcing and procurement software to enable confident and compliant spending decisions.

Citybase provides government payment solutions to connect constituents with utilities and government agencies.

eCivis offers grants management solutions to maximize grant revenues and track performance.

OpenCounter provides government payment software to guide applicants through complex permitting and licensing procedures.

Questica offers budget preparation and management software to deliver on financial and non-financial strategic objectives.

Sherpa provides public sector budgeting software and consulting services.

Want to know more about eCivis?

Check out anyone of the following pages to learn more about joining our team, the latest news and announcements, and the solutions we offer.

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