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Glynn County, GA

Learn how Glynn County increased its grant portfolio to more than $1 million.


  • Used eCivis’ grant management software to reduce time to find grants by 50 percent.

  • Increased grant funding by an additional $190,000.

  • Increased alternative revenue by 26% within 20 months.

  • Provided 600 smoke detectors for low-income households and support for dog/cat adoptions.

The Challenge

Glynn County Grants Coordinator (and our hero of the story), Monica Hardin, had spent upwards of 6 hours per week searching for grant opportunities from multiple sources to fund various County needs. With so many priorities to balance, including fielding requests from department heads and managers, Hardin faced the following issues:

  • Too much time spent looking for and reading through RFPs and other funding notifications.
  • Having to search numerous, disparate online grant sources.
  • Lack of streamlined and centralized information for county departments.

The Solution

After subscribing to eCivis, Monica was able to find grants she was previously unaware of quickly. As a result, the County landed an additional $190,000 in grant funding within 20 months, providing:

  • 600 smoke detectors for low-income households.
  • Support for free dog/cat spay/neuter programs for low-income households.
  • A van to assist with local dog adoptions.
  • Staff training to assist with the socialization of dogs waiting to be adopted.

The Results

Through eCivis’ grant management system, our hero, Monica, identified and analyzed opportunities in half the time and increased alternative revenue by 26% within 20 months.

Increase in Revenue
in Additional Grant Funding
Less Research Time

I have over eight years of grant writing experience, so I already knew about some grants when I started with the County. However, it wasn’t until we started using eCivis’ grants management software that we discovered several grants that we won.

Monica Hardin

Grants Coordinator

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