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Sonoma County, CA

Learn how Sonoma County centralized its grant research to fund more community-based organizations.


  • Used eCivis’ grant management system as a central database to research grant opportunities.

  • Grant research access to community-based organizations enabled them to find funding sources on their own.

  • Both the County and community organizations could be less dependent on the general fund budget.

The Challenge

Sonoma County faced the arduous task of looking for grants to help provide alternative funding sources to reduce the impact on its dwindling general fund. As members of the County and community-based organizations came together to look into web-based grant acquisition software, new heroes emerged.

The Solution

The County enlisted the help of eCivis’ grant management system to:

  • Provide a central database that could easily be maintained by grant professionals.
  • Eliminate the need for county resources to research, compile, and update grant opportunity data.
  • Provide unlimited user licenses for both county employees and community-based organizations within county boundaries.

The Results

One of our prominent heroes in this story, Ms. Rivera, states that the County’s “grant writer and consultant uses eCivis as his primary grant research tool and uses the data to produce his monthly County Funding Opportunity newsletters, which is distributed to highlight upcoming grant opportunities.”

eCivis was recommended by the review team based on its rating and the fact that the team didn’t find any other sources that were as robust as eCivis Grants Network.

Christina Rivera

Grants Resources Coordinator

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