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Nueces County, TX

Learn how Nueces County maximized funding from its grants.


  • Used eCivis’ indirect cost planning services and cost allocation software to identify a major gap in calculating indirect costs.

  • Used eCivis’ grants management software to track grant funding.

  • Saved time and funded more programs with improved outcomes for its communities.

  • Ensured indirect costs were accurately calculated and reimbursed to maximize grant funding.

The Challenge

Our hero, Maria Bedia, Grants Administrator at Nueces County, found a major gap in calculating their indirect costs and saw they were missing out on funding they could be getting from their grants.

The Solution

Maria and her team turned to eCivis and their grants management system as well as cost allocation software and indirect cost professional services to help them:

  • Ensure their indirect costs were identified, accurately calculated, and reimbursed.
  • Save time and fund more programs more efficiently.
  • Improve outcomes for surrounding communities.
  • Identify and maximize new funding opportunities to pursue.

The Results

Our hero, Maria, and her team at Nueces County were ultimately able to recover more grant funding, improving the programs and services the County offers to its over 363,000 citizens.

Accuracy in Identifying Indirect Costs
People Served

Nueces County is excited to be leading the charge in working with eCivis to not only develop a great cost allocation plan, but also to recover funds that would otherwise have been unrecoverable. This has been vital to our disaster recovery process.

Judge Barbara Canales

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