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eCivis Solutions

Over 1,000 government entities trust eCivis to help them modernize, automate, and centralize their grants management process–leading to better data management, maximized revenue, and a greater impact delivered to communities.

Here's Who We Help

Whether you’re completely new to grants management or a seasoned pro, we help all those in and around government grants management at all levels in simplifying grants and more.

Grant Professionals

Grant Professionals

We serve those whom we like to call our beloved “grants nerds” – everyone from grant writers and grant administrators to grant managers and grant directors.

Finance Experts

Finance Experts

If you love pouring over financial data and dollar figures, eCivis serves your community too! Think of anyone in finance from budget officers and budget managers to budget directors and chief financial officers.

Managers & Leaders

Managers & Leaders

Born to lead? Ready to drive a big impact? eCivis is just for you. We serve everyone from project and program managers to department managers, directors, and city/county managers, and administrators.

Not only has eCivis been a critical partner for identifying and soliciting private and competitive grants, but we also saw it as an answer to supporting full lifecycle management for our entitlement grants program.

Karen W. Carter

Nueces County is excited to be leading the charge in working with eCivis to not only develop a great cost allocation plan but to recover funds that would otherwise have been unrecoverable.

Barbara Canales

eCivis helped us identify and implement a solution that would help us maximize the benefits to our community in record time.

Jessica Hayes

How Can We Help Today?

Grants Network™

I need help finding, getting, and/or managing grant funding.


I need to calculate my indirect costs and prepare cost allocation plans.

Indirect Cost Planning

I need to negotiate my indirect cost rate and capture reimbursements.

See How eCivis Can Help You Make a Difference

Improve The Way You Manage Grants

Excel just isn’t going to cut it anymore, and audits are a real concern. Stop struggling with manual tools and processes. Our integrated, cloud-based system creates a standard, unified process and portal to deliver funding across your entire local or state jurisdiction.

  • Get fully implemented in weeks, not months or years (like those large ERP solutions).
  • Don’t risk getting audited by using manual or homegrown processes or tools.
  • Work with a purpose-built solution designed by Certified Grants Management Specialists (CGMS).

Manage Grants and Grantees with Ease

Centralize your processes with clear and efficient workflows, increase visibility for stakeholders, and save time for your team as you manage grant solicitations, applicants and awardees, and grantee reporting in one integrated, intuitive system.

  • Let our system guide you through every step of the grant solicitation process.
  • Leverage our applicant portal that’s intuitively designed for ease of use, efficiency, and accuracy for both sides of the application process.
  • Track and report grantee activities and grant funds with ease.

Set Yourself Up for Success With Goals & Metrics

No more worry and hassle! For grantees, (recipients of funding) manage your grants and improve performance and reporting. For grantors (funders), manage grantees and ensure their success in one streamlined portal.

Need help but not sure where to start?

Reach out to us today for a free demo. Our experts will take the time to understand your challenges and recommend the right solution to meet your needs.

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