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Your library of funding news, best practices, and the latest in grants management.


7 Resources to Level-up Your Federal Grants Administration and Compliance

By reading this guide, you'll learn: 7 resources that will help streamline your federal grants administration journey.


Transforming Grants Management

This joint guide with Governing and Grant Thornton delves into lessons learned from the 2020 pandemic and technology opportunities to improve grants management going forward.

What Every Local and Tribal Government Needs to Know About the Federal Stimulus

In this joint guide by eCivis and SmartBrief, you'll learn best practice to organize and manage your grants administration to prepare for incoming federal stimulus funding.

How to Improve Efficiencies in Emergency Funding Management

In this joint eCivis and SmartBrief guide, learn how to improve efficiencies, transparency, and accountability for emergency funding.

Modern Grants Management in the Age of Digital Acceleration

This guide will show you how to operationalize grant management best practices and quickly acquire and/or distribute grant funding.

How the Pandemic Has Shaped the Future of Grants

In this market trends report by eCivis and GovLoop, learn the best practices for government grants management during times of crisis.


Your Roadmap to COVID-19 Funding

This guide serves as a strategic playbook with best practices you can take to ensure the latest COVID-19 funding is seamlessly implemented and that you're staying compliant.

Your Guide to Indirect Costs

Learn everything you need to know about indirect costs, cost allocation plans, and how you can maximize grant funding through them.

How to Assemble a Successful Government Grant Proposal

While there's no single template out there to address the myriad types of funding opportunities, this playbook can help you put together a competitive grant proposal that will truly stand out.

How States Can Partner With Local Government to Distribute Relief Funding

This guide is your playbook to help navigate the Community Development Block Grant ecosystem, key players, and best practices to deliver the most impact in your communities.

What Every State and Local CIO Needs to Know About Grant Management

This playbook for CIOs helps address how to find the right grant management solutions to support government workforces and long-term digital transformation goals.

How to Effectively Navigate Your ARPA Funds

eCivis and Questica have partnered up to bring you a playbook for state and local government budget and grants practitioners to help you navigate the distribution and management of your ARPA funds.


Top Trends in Federal Grants Management

In this infographic, you'll get the four top trends on how digital grants management can help governments simplify grants management, expedite the distribution of COVID-19 relief, and ensure compliance.

What Governments Need to Know About the $1.9 Trillion American Rescue Plan Act

Here's your quick breakdown of how funding will be distributed among state, local, and Tribal governments and Territories.

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