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Norfolk, VA

Learn how the City of Norfolk significantly increased its grant awards


  • Used eCivis’ grant management software to help departments and community-based organizations quickly find relevant funding opportunities.

  • Reduced redundancies in time and effort.

  • Significantly increased the number of grant awards and helped community-based organizations be more successful in helping provide a higher quality of life for residents.

The Challenge

Norfolk’s various departments had difficulty finding the right grants and occasionally found themselves accidentally competing for the same funding. This resulted in:

  • Redundancies in time and effort.
  • Challenges trying to educate more community-based organizations (CBOs) about other funding opportunities.

The Solution

The heroes of the City of Norfolk banded together to create an Office of Grants Management, which used eCivis’ Grants Network to help other departments find grant funding. Through Grants Network, our brave heroes could provide training and resources to nonprofits and help them find their own grants. The Office was also able to leverage comprehensive search results and research training sessions, eliminating difficulties in finding grants.

The Results

With the help of eCivis, our heroes in the Office of Grants were able to double the number of grant awards, minimize time spent searching for grants, and help community-based organizations be more successful in pursuing funding opportunities. Ultimately, the City saw a 204% increase in grant awards, leading to a higher quality of life for Norfolk residents.

People Served

The eCivis grants management system is by far one of the most user-friendly and comprehensive tools available to assist localities and institutions with locating and managing grants from all funding streams.

Anne Strano

Grants Manager, the City of Norfolk

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