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Gun Lake Tribe, MI

Learn how the Gun Lake Tribe is streamlining grant search and management processes


  • Using eCivis’ pre-award and post-award grant software to streamline the grant seeking process and management of grant projects and portfolios.

  • Able to automate tasks, procedures, and help grant coordinators better understand the grant process.

  • Streamlining the entire grants management process and reducing confusion and redundancies when it comes to emails and paper-based processes.

  • Able to track goals and outcomes for various grants including health service, education, environmental, historic preservation, and law enforcement, as well as find more grants to support native language and culture.

The Challenge

The Match-E-Be-Nash-She-Wish Band of Pottawatomi Indians, d.b.a. Gun Lake Tribe, is a federally recognized sovereign Tribal nation which is focused on continuing to provide education about its history and culture. However, with a grant team of just two individuals serving at least eight different departments, the employees of the Gun Lake Tribal Nation, and Tribal Council, our heroines, Madeline Veneberg (Grants Planning and Management Director) and Hannah Barnes (Assistant Grant Writer and Planner) had their work cut out for them including:

  • Heavy paper binders for different project coordinators
  • Spreadsheets galore and countless files to update
  • Burden of having to follow up with different coordinators for every grant project, wasting time and efficiency
  • Having to upload programmatic reports at the end of the month for each department coordinator

The Solution

Our fearless heroines, Madeline and Hannah, sought a solution that could serve all the departments and link programmatic and financial reporting requirements to help the team focus on compliance. They turned to eCivis’ pre-award and post-award grant software to help streamline the search for relevant grant funding as well as the management and reporting process for grant awards. Additionally, our fearless heroines can now:

  • Eliminate paperwork and hassle by managing grants from one centralized system
  • Empower department coordinators to keep track of grant projects and spending
  • Automate task reminders to keep everyone on track when it comes to project deadlines
  • Easily produce reports that take into account goals and spending with full compliance with 2 CFR 200

The Results

Using eCivis’ grant management software, this small but mighty team of two can now do the work of many in much less time. Now, the team is using eCivis to help manage over $1.5 million in CDC funding to address COVID-19 needs in the community as well as find important grants to support cultural programs for the Tribe.

CDC funding

As department director, we were looking for a tool that would serve all departments and link the programmatic with the financial so we could really focus on grants compliance. We were so thrilled when we found eCivis.

Madeline Veneberg

Grants Planning and Management Director

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