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Goodyear, AZ

Learn how the City of Goodyear leveraged eCivis to grow their grants portfolio


  • Maximizing grants efficiency with eCivis’ pre-award grants software.

  • Assuring policy compliance.

  • Increasing transparency and awareness for executive leadership with regular grants reporting.

  • Improving grant administration and accountability.

The Challenge

The City of Goodyear’s processes made it difficult to track grant activities. At the same time, it’s a growing city and our hero of the story and her team sought to relieve pressure from the General Fund and make more impact as good stewards of taxpayer dollars.

The Solution

Our hero, Christina Panaitescu, Grants & Neighborhood Services Supervisor for the City of Goodyear, was tasked with establishing administrative procedures and controls for acquiring and implementing grant funding and tracking department accountability. To help the City build capacity within departments to find resources that would offset the burden on the General Fund, she and her team turned to eCivis’ grant software. Using eCivis allowed Christina and her team to:

  • Create tasks that can easily be populated during each grant stage.
  • Tag relevant grants and have them approved by City Council in a streamlined workflow.
  • Generate accurate monthly reports of grants to increase accountability and transparency.

The Results

The goal for our hero, Christina and the City of Goodyear, is to build the City’s capacity to receive grant funding and ensure the greatest possible impact in the growing City for years to come.

We’ve made great strides to organize our grant processes and make them easy for everyone to comply with. Additionally, the support from eCivis and their responsiveness has been game changing for this team.

Christina Panaitescu

Grants & Neighborhood Services Supervisor

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