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Atlanta, GA

Learn how Atlanta increased its number of annual qualified proposals by 44%


  • Used eCivis’ grant solution to streamline the management of $33 million and over 100 grants per year.

  • Improved data tracking and follow-up with grant recipients.

  • Expedited processes from 6 to 8 months down to weeks.

  • Increased number of qualified proposals by 44 percent over the previous year, encompassing the geography of 29 counties.

The Challenge

This story starts with our hero, Petrina Smith, Senior Financial Analyst at the City of Atlanta, who manages their entitlement grants portfolio. One that is multifaceted, including numerous requirements unique to each specific type of grant. The City awards upwards of $33 million and over 100 grants per year.

Additionally, Petrina and her colleagues experienced many challenges while trying to manage grant recipients in a cohesive manner, not to mention within a virtual environment. On top of all these challenges, the City was on an extremely constricted timeline and required significant change management training.

The Solution

Our hero, Petrina, and her team turned to eCivis’ full lifecycle grants management software to help them forge their path into the modern era of grants management. An era where cloud-based software reduces administration time and redundancies, minimizes audit findings and compliance issues and drives information and collaboration between departments and administrations.

On top of that, our hero, Petrina, was able to scale performance, add more users, and integrate more data to improve tracking and follow-up.

The Results

As a result of their modern grants management system and processes, Petrina Smith, our hero at the City of Atlanta, was able to accomplish more to help their communities, including:

  • Expedite processes that would have previously taken 6 to 8 months down to under 2 months.
  • Increase the number of qualified proposals by 44% over the previous year, encompassing the geography of 29 counties.
Increase in Number of Qualified Proposals
Counties Served
Managed in Grant Funding

Not only has eCivis been a critical partner for identifying and soliciting private and competitive grants, but we also saw it as an answer to supporting full lifecycle management for our Entitlement grants program.

Karen W. Carter

Director of Grants Management

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