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Grants Management & Goal Setting: Tools to Drive Performance

Organizations that include grant funding in their strategic planning and goal setting processes can benefit from a comprehensive system that assists staff in the development of proposals as well as grants management.

Systems for the Grant-Active Organization

For most organizations, goal setting is an essential planning activity; for those that are grant-active, goal setting becomes even more vital. At times goal setting can be an overwhelming process, especially as you plan for grant funding. Fortunately, tools are available to assist your organization to become strategic and sophisticated in goal setting for your grant-active department.

Grants Network, a full lifecycle cloud grants management systems, offers organizations an effective tool to set grant goals and track progress toward them. The grants management system encourages transparency throughout the organization by clearly delineating how goals are being met and by stating the amount of each grant award. Organizations can be strategic in their efforts by tracking progress toward specific outcome measures and by ensuring that various organizational units are working together, with no overlap.

Grants Network enables organizational leaders to determine “real time” where the organization stands with grant awards as well as what is still being considered. With just a glance, leaders can determine which agencies have funded the organization; this helps the organization to nurture positive relationships with these agencies. The system itself becomes a planning tool—with all grant awards in one location, managers can determine the workload facing their staff and plan in advance for needed adjustments.

Grants Network also acts as a time-saving tool for the grant writers within the organization. Because all grant proposals are maintained in one location, pieces of a previously written grant can easily be obtained for cutting and pasting into a new grant proposal. This ensures a consistent organizational message is delivered to funding sources. Remember, however, to always reference the funding agency’s instructions should any modification be required.

The grants management system allows the client to know the progress it is making toward that goal, and which departments have been successful in submitting grant proposals and which need additional assistance. With this information, management has the knowledge it needs to make long-term strategic planning decisions.

Rather than a vacuum of information, Grants Network provides a central solution to managing grant performance for the grant professionals and leadership. By becoming strategic and sophisticated in goal setting for grant-active departments, your organization will be truly able to best meet the needs of the public you serve.

eCivis is the nation’s leading grants management software solution and the ideal platform for improving grants performance for local governments and community-based organizations.

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